About Miniart Crafts

Do you know that feeling when embroidered a picture with the beads, admired it for 10 minutes and then hid it in the table for years? We have news for you! "Miniart Crafts" creates unique embroidery kits, which you can finally place in your interior and they favorably complement it.

Here is a short story from Miniart Crafts founder: "The idea of creating "Miniart Crafts" arose and grew out of a hobby. I have been engaged in needlework since I was a child. Still remember my first bracelets, woven from beads. I was only 10 years old and handmade bead jewelry was very popular at that time. 

I went back to embroidery only in 2016.  I began to embroider to spend my time during long winter evenings and to put my thoughts in order. At first I used threads for embroidery. Then I bought my first scheme with the beads. The process completely tightened me up, and I began to look for new beads schemes. All the pictures were vivid, but not modern at all. It was difficult to imagine them on a bedroom or a living room walls. But I wanted to create the picture that could be placed in the interior and admired it all the time.

I researched the market and realized that I would not find my ideal scheme here. But also I realized - if something that you need doesn’t exist - just create it!

10 years of experience in the field of hobby industry helped me find my dream-team and capabilities to start the Miniart Crafts."

Only in one year we have already developed 70 schemes. In the summer of 2018, the first 6 sets were produced. Now we produce sets in 11 different series. Each of these series is made in its own style and is suitable not only for different interiors, but also for different rooms. We even produce patches for clothes and decorating gift boxes.

Philosophy of "Miniart Crafts":

  • We are paying much attention to the quality of fabrics and beads that we use for our designs. We choose one of the world’s best beads brand – Preciosa (Czech Republic).

  • We create schemes that will suit to any interior from Art Deco and Classic to Minimalism and High-tech.

  • We do not limit ourselves when selecting the materials for our designs. Our goal is to create a perfect picture that will become a worthy decoration of any interior.

  • We use beads of different sizes, not only standard sizes of 10. This allows creating pictures with a 3D effect.

  • In the development of schemes, we are striving for the jewelry design of the picture. Our motto is "Every bead in its right place".

  • Our schemes are designed for any skill level from «Easy» to «Expert». Therefore, even if you are new to needlework, you can create by yourself a great picture that will decorate your living space.

When we made something with our own hands, we experience a sense of relaxation along with meditation. Embroidery has a "therapeutic effect" and when we see a wonderful, creative work it inspires us not only to needlework, but also to other accomplishments.

Beads artworks can be fascinating and modern!

Warsaw, Poland
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